Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-Fold Doors in Hornchurch

Bi-fold or tri-fold doors bring the outside indoors, letting the room flow to the outside. Open a whole wall of your house, from 6ft or 1.8m up to an unlimited size. Ideal for anyone who wants to open up kitchens/lounges/back rooms.  Ideal for Summer parties, you will be the envy of your neighbours.

Bi-fold/Tri-fold doors let in a lot of light when closed and when open create a much bigger flowing space, ideal for those who like to be the host/hostess for those special occasions. High u-value in terms of insulation, excellent at keeping the heat in, and keeping the cold out.

A standard 5-door setup, is where the first door is an opener, and the rest slide to one side. They can also open like patio doors for easy access when the weather is not so great, and during the summer months you can open up all 5-doors to let the outside into your home. Bi-fold doors can be custom built to your needs, and have a variety of finishes and additional extras:

Different Finishes Available

All different types of property extensions available:

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• Wooden,
• Aluminium,
• Powder Coated Aluminiu

Anti glare value and self cleaning glass

Shutters that can be built into the glass, to save tricky blinds.

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